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Hi I'm Renukesh Deshpande A Mechanical Engineer from pune, Working in Software industry

Hobbies - Home automation, Scripting


Web Design

Software Devlopement

Home Automation

many projects done sucessfully!

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Innovative Ideas

Creative idea that make you day-to-day life simple and hassle free.


Software that make does most of hte job so that you can relax.

Home Automation

Why work when you can automate the household work.

Web Design

Cool and interactive web designs.

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The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen. She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way.

Web Devlopement






Web Animation


Software QA



I really don't know why i did that, i wish such expensive courses should have been offered with refund/return policy.
8+ hrs a day for six month plus the begging for placement in time of Great Recession(2009) it was a bad dream.

Not sure if i gained any technical knowledge about the Engineering , but learned a lot of things for sure.

  • The time when i started living away from home.
  • Engineering life taught me how to eat tasteless food and survive.
  • Engineering teaches an art how to study(minimum) just a night and survive in exams.
  • Engineering teaches the skill to survive on minimum money and and be happy about it.
  • It was not a choice it was about dealing with an optoin whichever is easier to deal with.

Nothing else but the beautiful memories 😍.

The last time when i was sincere.
The last time when i purchased/used a backpack.
The last time i was disciplined.
The last ime i was arriving on the right time when i am supposed to be.
The last time when i used to sleep on time.
The last time when i woke up early.


Work Experience

Layman Till 2009

Till 2009 the only known uses of computer is to watch movies , listening to songs and store memories in the format of pictures.

Contractor @Neilsoft Nov 2009-APR 2010

I came to pune in the year of 2009 the same year when the swine flu(H1N1) virus also landed in Pune the same year when the Great recession was on it's peak.
Neither the virus nor the recession could survive in pune for long time , i could!
After searching for job for several months i landed up on a part-time job with a contract for 6 month in 2009 at Neilsoft Ltd.
Job in neilsoft for Automated L10N testing ! That was the first encounter with IT industry.

Software QA Engineer @Neilsoft July 2010-July 2011

Don't ask me what i was doing in those 2 months i.e. May-July 2010 even i don't know what i was doing at that time being a jobless.
In the month of July i got a call from Neilsoft with an offer for a full time job. Happy Times 😊
i was mainly working on one of the Best Automation framework(that i have seen till date). I found it very cool and got addicted to the automation further.
The first cool automation that i did is that to turn on a desktop computer (which was shut down a night before) at a specific time and play songs from my favorite playlist as an alarm while i was getting ready to office and shut down the computer after specific time when i left for the office. Without any manual intervention , Very Cool 😏 !
Scripting was the newly aquired additction.

QA Analyst @PTC July 2012-July 2015

After seperation from Neisloft after a year of fun-n-joy realtionship, i Joined PTC.
Experianced the Pain of Agile testing, the heat of the enormous workload.
The Pressure of the deliverables , The risk and responsibility of the Job was exhausting
At the same time i started to learn develop ing desktop based apps mainly using Visual Studio , it was awsome i ejnoyed crating lots of tools and apps for the team in that time.
Got a promotion and one more excellence award for my contribution to the Job
On a personal level i created an desktop app for a local shop it was mainly for automatic billing and stock management.
Desktop Application development was the newly aquired additction.

Software Engineer @Siemens Product -Teamcenter July 2015-July 2019

Among all other benefits that Siemens provides the best one is 'Peace of Mind 🙂' The experiance of working in the world leading company in their best product serving the best customers is of another level.
I started learning about 'Web-Devlopement' and got fond of it . I end up creating multiple websites such as The birthday tracker , The lunchbox sharing website.
Website development was the newly aquired additction.

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Web Design

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